Collaborating to lead change in our region.

More than a network of contracted providers, Embright convenes leading care providers for deeper collaboration. Together, our collective strengths create better outcomes for everyone.


Not just another network

Embright is the Clinically Integrated Network of the Pacific Northwest. Through thoughtful, sensible cooperation, Embright empowers our network partners to create, adopt and deliver higher standards of care. Sharing information and best practices across organizations, together we transform data into actionable insights that drive exceptional clinical outcomes, enhance care affordability and improve the experience for members and providers.


Leading the region

With UW Medicine, MultiCare and LifePoint as partners, Embright is creating a high-performing network, built to reimagine healthcare delivery throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Support for independent practices

Let Embright help you grow your practice by providing robust tools and resources to operate more effectively and efficiently. Join us and leverage the expertise of more than 7,500 leading providers across the Pacific Northwest.


Aligned and accountable

Our model incentivizes each provider's contribution to the network's performance. We empower our partners with actionable insights into ways they can continuously achieve better quality, service and affordability - accelerating the journey to create healthier communities.

Our Partners

Our Partners