A new way to approach managing healthcare costs

Bolting on point solutions isn't working as expected

December 15, 2021

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA | President and CEO

As organizations review their annual plan performance, employee benefits programs are evaluated for quality, effectiveness, and cost. Human resources, operations, and finance leaders often face an ongoing, frustrating challenge with their benefit offerings - how to get quality healthcare and great member experiences at a reasonable cost. Historically, many companies have bolted on point solutions in an effort to improve the member experience or decrease costs. This fragmented approach may solve some problems while introducing or amplifying others.

A holistic approach to benefits management in partnership with locally-based healthcare providers has been adopted by many organizations to address the intersection of quality, member experiences, and cost that avoids the challenges of fragmentation.

Learn how clinically integrated networks directly connect local employers and local providers in the benefits design and delivery of care, enhancing the overall experience.

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