Why Choose Embright

Embright offers an alternative to healthcare as usual. Founded by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System and LifePoint Health, we’re the Pacific Northwest’s Clinically-Integrated Network—bringing together the region’s top providers for better collaboration, better member experiences and better outcomes.

The Care You Need, When You Need It

With many of the region’s leading doctors and specialty care services all available in a single network, Embright makes it easier to get the care you need when you need it, from the providers you choose.

Easier Access to High-Quality Care


7,500 primary care doctors and specialists, 14 hospitals, 600 clinics


Pediatric to Geriatric care services


More providers joining together from different health systems = more choice


Focused on wellness and prevention

New Ways to Help You Stay Healthy

Better Communication

With Embright, everyone on your care team is connected—from your primary care provider to any specialists you see. Which means unlike typical health networks, they work as a deeply collaborative team, seamlessly sharing information, resources and updates. So when you see a provider, they know what’s going on with your care.

Appointment Scheduling Support

Scheduling appointments can be a hassle, but Embright makes it easy— with a single contact for all your scheduling needs.  Whether you need to see your primary care provider or a specialist or schedule a procedure, we’ll take care of all the details.

Virtual Care

Can’t get to your doctor? Need a quick answer to a question? With Embright you can connect with healthcare providers any time, from anywhere—with virtual visits available via phone or video 365 days a year.

Care Navigators

Not sure which doctor to see? Need help resolving a billing issue, or understanding if a procedure is covered? Our dedicated Care Navigators work with you one-on-one, providing practical support and guidance to help you get the care and answers you need.

How Can Embright Work for Me?

Meet some Embright members with varying healthcare needs to get a sense of how the network works for them, and how it might work for you.

Meet Aziz!

Aziz is young and healthy with no serious medical issues. He typically just sees the doctor a couple times a year—for an annual checkup and if he gets a sinus infection or the flu.

How Embright helps

  • Embright’s appointment scheduling support makes it easy for Aziz to schedule his appointments at a time that works for him.
  • Embright’s Virtual Care is great for Aziz because his work hours aren’t typical, and he likes to travel a lot. Aziz appreciates knowing he can always call or video conference with a doctor no matter where he is, with flexible options around time of day.
  • Embright’s extensive network means Aziz has access to some of the region’s best primary care providers, urgent care clinics and specialists.

What Aziz should consider when comparing health plans:

  • How easy it is to find a doctor
  • Cost of his monthly premium
  • What kind of online care/support is available

Meet Taylor!

Taylor was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago. She has a lot of doctor's appointments and medications to manage. Her partner is healthy with no serious medical issues.


  • Better Collaboration between providers means Taylor doesn't have to answer the same questions every time she sees a doctor.
  • Embright's Virtual Care works great for Taylor. On those days when she's not feeling up for leaving home, she can get answers about medication changes, side effects and other things.
  • Embright's Care Navigators help Taylor manage details of her care, including coordinating her appointments, getting prescriptions refilled and answering questions about what's covered.


  • Whether her various diabetes care providers are in network
  • Out-of-pocket maximum
  • Whether dental care and eye exams are included (Diabetics are especially susceptible to gum disease and eye problems)

Meet Austin!

Austin was recently diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife want the best treatments possible, yet with 2 kids going to college soon they’re worried about the cost.

How Embright helps

  • Embright’s extensive network includes the leading research teams and cancer specialists of Fred Hutch and UW Medicine.
  • Embright’s Care Navigators provide meaningful guidance, working with Austin and his wife on which doctors to see, coordinating his appointments and ‘being there’ to answer questions.
  • Embright offers high-quality, affordable care so Austin and his entire family get the care they need from leading providers at a price they can handle.

What Austin should consider when comparing health networks:

  • Out-of-pocket maximum
  • Whether there's support to help answer billing questions
  • Whether his kids' pediatrician is in network

Meet Antonio!

Antonio lives with a mental health condition that impacts his daily life in big and small ways. He’s interested in any resources that can help him manage his symptoms.


  • Embright’s behavioral health specialists include some of the region’s best mental health experts. They work with Antonio and his primary care doctor to determine a treatment plan.
  • Embright’s Virtual Care is great when Antonio needs to talk with his primary care doctor or a mental health expert after hours.
  • Embright’s Care Navigators help schedule Antonio’s appointments and make sure his medications are refilled as needed.


  • Whether there are mental health experts in the network
  • Whether his primary care provider is in network
  • If his medications are covered

Meet Mia!

Mia is a single mom who works full-time. Her daughter Zoe is on the autism spectrum. Zoe’s care requires frequent appointments with various specialists.


  • Embright's Pediatric Care is exceptional and there are numerous providers who specialize in Autism.
  • Embright’s Virtual Care is great for Mia, since she often needs to connect with Zoe’s providers before or after work hours.
  • Embright’s Care Navigators help Mia manage the important yet time-consuming details like coordinating Zoe’s various appointments and prescription refills.


  • Whether there are specialists in autism
  • Out-of-pocket maximum
  • Level of prescription coverage

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