Washington's clinically integrated network

Embright is a clinically integrated network (CIN) founded by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health that connects employers and providers in the design and delivery of healthcare to help members get care on their terms and stay healthy.

Our mission is to enable collaboration to improve the health of the members we serve.

Are you an Embright member?

Discover doctors in the network, the benefits of Embright, and valuable information specific to your plan.

Are you an employer?

Learn how Embright is different from the healthcare strategies thought to control costs and improve the member experience.

Are you a broker/consultant?

Learn how Embright is different from the cost shifting strategy many employers have implemented with few results.

Are you an Embright provider?

Find information about the Embright network and guidelines along with how to request to be part of our network.

What makes Embright different from other healthcare networks?

Bringing employers and providers together

We connect the employers purchasing health plans with the doctors delivering care to align population health focus areas into the clinically integrated network (CIN) care model priorities. This includes upfront plan design incentives and performance improvement initiatives.

Integrating valuable information for the member

Clinical and claims data, along with other information is integrated to provide employers and providers a more complete picture of the population and individuals within those populations.

Connecting independent health systems into a single network

Embright brings together three independent, award-winning health systems in the state of Washington, UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health to allow members to access doctors and facilities across these health systems throughout the state.

Our founding health systems

Where is the Embright network?

The Embright network contains providers throughout the state of Washington and surrounding region for all ages and care needs. Our comprehensive services includes primary care up to quaternary care. 

Members have access to virtual, inpatient, and outpatient services with more agility than an HMO and tighter population management than a PPO.


How does Embright work?

We help employers elevate their health plan by connecting them directly with providers to build a program that improves outcomes, member experience, and decreases costs.