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The Embright Difference

Partnering with a clinically integrated network (CIN) like Embright is not a cost-shifting technique nor a single-minded point solution. Embright offers employers the opportunity to design their healthcare program with the providers delivering care, taking into consideration the holistic care needs of the population.

We combine our network of award-winning health systems with a unique set of features to enhance the member experience and make healthcare more affordable.

The difference begins with our process

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Connect with providers delivering care

It begins with building a connection between the employer managing the plan and the provider delivering care to the employer population. As the network, Embright, in coordination with the employer, develops shared goals between the stakeholders.

The shared goals across the employer and provider ensure everyone's aim is in the same direction.

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Combine clinical and claims data for analysis

Embright combines and analyzes electronic medical records (EMR) alongside historical claims data with the employer to understand utilization patterns using the most complete and up-to-date view of the population's health. This step guides the development of the healthcare program's design.

Unlike other programs, employers have a helping hand in Embright to review and interpret the healthcare program's data.  

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Identify focus areas and engage members

Using near real-time clinical data, the employer and provider identify areas to focus on such as improving population health outcomes and engagement. This information can help members optimize how they access care and close care gaps. Unlike point solutions, the focus areas identified work in coordination with each other and do not fragment the care delivered.

Learn more about the features of the Embright network that complement identified focus areas.

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Integration and implementation

After areas of focus are identified and metrics for success are determined comes integration and implementation. Embright supports the implementation of the healthcare program before, during, and after annual enrollment, and integrates with existing benefits partners (when available). This includes administrative support, member communication and engagement, and provider education.  

Embright guides members to the appropriate information and helps them maximize the value of integrated benefit partners. 

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Continuous quality improvement

Post-implementation, clinical data and historical claims are collected and analyzed throughout the year, tracking against the identified focus areas. Insights are available to the employer on a regular cadence to check and adjust as needed based on population health trends.

Embright is committed to reducing the cost of healthcare through the collaboration of world-class health systems and innovative employers.

Embright offers employers a healthcare network powered by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health that integrates historical and concurrent data across these independent systems, providing members coordinated care across their healthcare experiences.

Implementation options

The Embright Plan

Develop a new plan with the Embright team and create an affordable, simple option that leverages the shared goals with the providers delivering care. This option includes The Embright Experience.

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The Embright Experience

Implement an enhanced member experience for all your employees by adding new member tools driven by a unified member profile which includes claims and clinical data. The Embright Experience includes care navigation solutions, a personalized member portal, and integrated care management. 

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The Embright Addition

Add Embright to your existing PPO plan and encourage your employees to use the clinically integrated network for better coordination of care and an improved experience. This option includes The Embright Experience.

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We're Different From the Status Quo

Over the last several years, employers have been searching for ways to improve their population health outcomes, enhance the overall member experience, and control rising healthcare costs. The main strategies implemented are cost-shifting tactics through high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and adding on point solutions. After years of using these strategies with little result, employers realize that HDHPs are not controlling costs effectively, and point solutions have fragmented the experience and disengaged their members.