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Clinically integrated networks could improve healthcare quality and costs for employers

Deanna Cuadra, Associate Editor, Employee Benefit News (EBN)

Healthcare in the U.S. varies from zip code to zip code, with mere blocks potentially making the difference in costs and quality of care. To combat the inequity this can cause within their communities, some hospitals and providers are pushing for more standardized care through clinically integrated networks.

Embright hits a new membership milestone

We are ecstatic to share our news with you. Embright has reached a new milestone! Partnering with a clinically integrated network (CIN) like Embright is not a cost-shifting technique nor a single-minded point solution. Embright offers employers the opportunity to design their healthcare program with the providers delivering care, taking into consideration the holistic care needs of the population.

Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) continues its accountable care program with Embright and UW Medicine

Embright, a clinically integrated network founded by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health, is managing the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) accountable care program for its Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) and School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) through a management services agreement between UW Medicine and Embright.

Boeing continues their Preferred Partnership plan options in Puget Sound with Embright, a clinically integrated network

Embright, a clinically integrated network founded by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health, has teamed up with Boeing to continue to provide affordable, accessible, and integrated care to its employees.

Embright and First Choice Health Announce Partnership, Expanding Access and Improving Care for Employees

The strategic partnership with Embright, the clinically integrated network founded by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health, will increase access to affordable and quality care for Pacific Northwest employers.

Embright Partners with Innovaccer to Provide Continuity of Care Amongst Partner Organizations

The clinically integrated network will leverage Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform to track its overall performance and address patient healthcare needs.

UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health Announce Creation of Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)

‘Embright’ will design and coordinate value-based care models to improve population health throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Value-based care models influence healthcare system outcomes

A significant cause of our overall lack of performance and high spending is due to the way our healthcare system is structured in how providers are paid for the care they deliver, which is called fee-for-service (FFS).

Foundational elements to a fantastic member experience

A member's desire to connect with their doctor through digital technology was on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began, the demand for a digital option to interact with doctors steadily increased, and now it is an expected service to no one's surprise.

Primary care deserves a primary role in care

Advanced primary care (APC) builds on the importance of an assigned primary care provider for everyone. APC is an approach of providing medical services that involve a team of health care professionals working together and to their full potential, providing comprehensive, holistic, and longitudinal care to individuals and families.

Virtual Care that works

Members can experience a "best of all worlds" virtual health care product- one that combines a convenient, timely, and easy-to-navigate platform combined with high-quality, local, and vetted clinicians.

How Data Can be Used to Improve Care Delivery

It’s an exciting time in healthcare – finally the technologies, stakeholders, and incentive structures are aligning to create new care models that can significantly improve the patient experience and reduce costs.

New strategies to improve the patient experience

"Difficult, confusing, and frustrating," are words used to commonly describe a personal experience interacting with the U.S. healthcare system. These are some of the many adjectives used that are suitable for print.

Healthcare issues remain a challenge

To do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is one definition of insanity. Yet, this is what many employers end up doing in association with managing their employee benefits health program, not because they want to or like to - because there have been limited options.

Coordinating care by bucking the trend toward fragmentation

For decades healthcare has been built with an approach of one-size-fits-all. This approach obviously lacks customization or personalization.  

Building Sustainable Healthcare

As we peek out of the COVID-19 trenches, longing to see the daylight on the horizon, we now have an even deeper appreciation for our health, healthcare workers, and health systems at large.

Why a clinically integrated network (CIN) may be right for your employees in 2021

You have likely heard of a clinically integrated network, or more commonly known as a CIN, being a popular healthcare management strategy. For employers looking to exceed the healthcare status quo, many have turned to CINs as the solution. 


Employee Benefits Trends in 2022

Trends emerged over the last two years that shifted the way human resources teams view employee benefits to attract and retain workers

Presented by: 

Shawn West, MD | CMO 

Donna L. Perlee | Director of Strategic Development and Contracting 

Available on-demand

A new way to approach managing healthcare costs

Bolting on point solutions isn't working as expected

Presented by: 

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA | President and CEO

Available on-demand

Care Management Model in a Clinically Integrated Network

Care management programs are enhanced and outcomes improve when paired with a clinically integrated network

Presented by: 

Alexis Koutlas, DNP, RN, NE-BC | Director of Integrated Care Management

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Clinically integrated networks (CIN) and how they differ from the healthcare status quo

A practical user guide to clinically integrated networks

Presented by: 

Shawn West, MD | Chief Medical Officer

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Enhancing benefits by partnering with healthcare systems

June 9, 2021 at 11:00am PT

Presented by: 

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA, President and CEO

EBN Web Seminar 

Open to all with no-fee for attendance

One-size-fits-all Healthcare is Not Working: Localized healthcare is the alternative to the status quo

March 24, 2021 at 11:00am PT


Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA, President and CEO and Mike Robinson, CEO, Canopy Health


Sean White, First Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

The Conference Board Employee Health Care Pre-Conference Webcast Series

Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN) Provide a Flexible Framework to Combat the Top Healthcare Issues

February 4, 2021 at 8:00am PT

Presented by: 

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA, President and CEO

EBPA February Virtual Event

This event is closed. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

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