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We Are Embright

Embright is a clinically integrated network (CIN) that connects healthcare purchasers and providers in the design and delivery of healthcare to help members get care on their terms and stay healthy. We build custom value-based programs anchored to the Triple Aim to solve the big problems associated with quality, experience, and cost.

Our mission is to enable collaboration to improve the health of the members we serve.

Embright works with healthcare purchasers who are tired of trying the same-old healthcare strategies and not achieving the results desired for their population ─ costs continue to rise, outcomes do not improve. We help healthcare purchasers elevate their health plan by connecting them directly with providers to build a program that improves outcomes, member experience, and decreases costs. 

Our program is anchored to the Triple Aim. The Triple Aim comes from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), an organization focused on improving healthcare in the United States led by a visionary physician, Dr. Don Berwick. The concept of the Triple Aim, originated by John Wittington and Tom Nolan, was the next step in the evolution of health improvement after the publication of the Institute of Medicine "Crossing the Quality Chasm" and its six domains of health care quality. "The goal of the Triple Aim is to improve the health (quality) and experience of populations while reducing costs. This opened the aperture of the conversation of healthcare to include addressing not only the needs of the individual but how to best balance providing care to populations in ways that yield the best quality, cost, and experience outcomes," stated Shawn West, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Embright. 

We aim to be the highest-performing provider network and the network of choice for the communities we serve. We achieve this by following our behavioral standards to which we hold ourselves accountable every day, what we call our Embright values.

  • Integrity - do the right thing 
  • Innovation - think outside the box and dare to be unconventional
  • Collaboration - team up and create mutual understanding and clarity 
  • Agility - lean into reality and adapt quickly
  • Respect - seek first to understand and embrace culturally competent inclusivity 
  • Excellence - be your best and inspire the best in others

We were founded by MultiCare Health System, UW Medicine, and LifePoint Health in 2019, officially, but the idea of Embright began back in 2015.

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Our network partners

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LifePoint Health

It all started with a special collaboration

A black circle that reads 2015, with three small blue circles underneath

MultiCare Health System and UW Medicine begin their collaboration

To support some of the largest employers in Washington, MultiCare Health System and UW Medicine begin a partnership to create a connected, accountable care network (ACN). 

A black circle that reads 2019, with three small blue circles underneath

Embright becomes official 

After years of working together, MultiCare Health System and UW Medicine partner in the creation of Embright along with LifePoint Health. Embright is established as a clinically integrated network in Washington state. 

A black circle that reads 2020, with three small blue circles underneath

Embright develops data integration platform with Innovaccer

Embright partners with Innovaccer to develop a data activation platform to track overall population health performance and address patient healthcare needs. 

Embright and First Choice Health create a strategic partnership

Embright and FCH have established a unique partnership that leverages each organization’s expertise in managing essential aspects of care at different stages of the member's journey.

A black circle that reads 2021, with three small blue circles underneath

Boeing continues Preferred Partnership plan option with Embright

The partnership with Boeing builds upon the critically important foundational relationship established in 2015 through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network. It symbolizes the importance of providers and employers working directly together to deliver on value without compromising quality, service, or access.

A black circle that reads 2022, with three small blue circles underneath

Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) continues its accountable care program with Embright and UW Medicine

Post-implementation, clinical data and historical claims are collected and analyzed throughout the year, tracking against the identified focus areas. Insights are available to the employer on a regular cadence to check and adjust as needed based on population health trends.

Embright is committed to reducing the cost of healthcare through the collaboration of world-class health systems and innovative employers.

Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) expands UMP Plus with Embright

Embright and HCA announced the expansion of the UMP Plus UW Medicine ACN to Benton and Franklin Counties for residents of the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) area. The program will be available to both PEBB and SEBB members and is built around Embright's existing partnerships with Trios and Lourdes Health in the region. 

We combine our network of award-winning health systems with a unique set of features to enhance the member experience and make healthcare more affordable.

Our team

We are a team of physicians, medical professionals, data analysts, specialists, and strategists all committed to improving healthcare for the members and communities we serve.


Headshot of Shawn West, Embright Chief Executive Officer
Shawn West, MD

Chief Executive Officer 

Headshot of Josh Walker, Embright Executive Director
Josh Walker

Executive Director

Our Board of Directors

jeff anderson headshot embright
Jeff Anderson

LifePoint Health Vice President of Managed Care

Headshot of Jacque Cabe, UW Medicine Chief Financial Officer

UW Medicine Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Kodama, MD

Founder & Principal Consultant EverSparq, LLC

james lee multicare embright board member
James Lee

MultiCare Health System Executive Vice President, Population Based Care, and Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Kendall Miller, MultiCare Health System General Counsel

MultiCare Health System General Counsel

michael myint md uw medicine embright board member
Michael Myint, MD

UW Medicine Chief Population Health Officer


UW Medicine Clinical Business and Regulatory Affairs Officer; Chief of Staff

Headshot of William G. "Bill" Robertson, MultiCare Health System President and CEO

MultiCare Health System President and Chief Executive Officer

Brad Simmons

UW Medicine President,  Hospitals & Clinics

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How It Works

The difference begins with our process. Embright offers employers a healthcare network powered by UW Medicine, MultiCare Health System, and LifePoint Health that integrates historical and concurrent data across these independent systems, providing members coordinated care across their healthcare experiences.