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We Are More Than a Network

Embright is more than a network. We combine our network of award-winning health systems with a unique set of features to enhance the member experience and make healthcare more affordable.

The Embright Experience combines claims and clinical data to coordinate care and make healthcare easy to use for members.

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We've developed a unique set of processes to combine and analyze clinical and claims data from our independent health systems into a single source. This allows employers to view their population holistically and identify trends earlier. 

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Members can engage with our program as they wish. The multi-faceted program meets the members where they are. Clients can customize their engagement program to meet the needs of their population.

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We offer a value-based, integrated care management (ICM) program anchored in the Triple Aim. Our ICM program is one of the best tools to prevent costly, non-value-added service use and improve patient outcomes.

Our TPA partners

“The Boeing Company is excited to continue offering Preferred Partnership options in the Puget Sound region, and we are looking forward to the innovation and support Embright will bring to our employees and families for 2022 and beyond.”

Jeff White, Director of Global Health & Well Being

Who we work with

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Self-funded employers

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Employers with a concentration of employees in Washington

Implementation options

The Embright Plan

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Develop a new plan with the Embright team and create an affordable, simple option that leverages the shared goals with the providers delivering care.

The Embright Experience

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Implement an enhanced member experience for all your employees by adding new member tools driven by a unified member profile which includes claims and clinical data.

The Embright Addition

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Add Embright to your existing PPO plan and encourage your employees to use the clinically integrated network for better coordination of care and an improved experience.

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Are you tired of trying the same-old healthcare strategies and not achieving the results desired for their population? Learn more about how a CIN, like Embright, can improve your population's outcomes and decrease costs.