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Integrated Care Management

Embright's integrated care management (ICM) program coordinates essential services, addresses critical gaps in communication, diminishes duplication in services, and prevents costly avoidable hospital encounters.

ICM is a value-based program anchored in the Triple Aim that improves quality, experience, and affordability.

Traditional healthcare model

Members who render services in a traditional healthcare delivery model often experience challenges navigating the complex care delivery system from fragmented records, poor communication, to duplicative services. 

A graphic depicting a traditional healthcare delivery model showing various icons connected to each other with arrowsA typical member experience in a traditional healthcare delivery model. 


A graphic depicting Embright's integrated care model, highlighting three main areas of Community, Support Network, and Payor

Integrated care management model

Unlike traditional healthcare delivery models, Embright's model is designed around helping the member meet their comprehensive health needs through the coordination of care across multiple providers and settings. 

Integrated care management centers around the member's comprehensive needs. Care managers serve as the point of integration across the care continuum and partner with other resources including providers, payors, and community partners. 

Care managers serve as a point of integration across the patient/family and the care continuum and develop comprehensive pathways to improve the member’s ability to self-manage.

ICM benefits all stakeholders from members and providers to employers

Effective care management helps the member, provider, and employer in a variety of ways including but not limited to improved care coordination, elimination of duplicative services, and an improved member navigation experience. Members enrolled in our ICM program have the comfort of knowing there is a team of experts dedicated to helping them with their comprehensive care needs. 

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Alignment of Resources

Members have someone to help them align the right resources with the right time and right location.

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 Collaboration Across Systems 

Care managers collaborate and coordinate care needs across the systems of care on behalf of the member.

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Our team of experts evaluate and identify risks, engage with the member early and often, and provide timely outreach to the member's care team(s).

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Connection to Services

Care managers connect the member to non-clinical support services to optimize the member's health care needs.

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Individualized Care Plan

The comprehensive care team creates an individualized and collaborative plan of care that includes escalation planning.

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ICM is powered by our data integration

Our ICM program is powered by our data integration platform providing Embright a unique, longitudinal view of the member's care. This enables care managers to proactively evaluate and support members who would benefit from care management.